How to distinguish authentic MCM bags?

These days so many fake mcm products sales on internet online web store.

So if you are going to buy for an authentic MCM products, here’s some quick tips on how to avoid buying fakes.


1. To distinguish by mcm logo pattern

Vertical center line - Forward

left side of the center line - Forward

Right side of the center line - Reverse



2. To distinguish by mcm logo plates


The screw

  • Authentic - Use slotted(-) screws, The screw and plate can be separated.
  • Fake - Use phillips(+) screws, The screw and plate can not be separated.
The serial number at plate 
  • Authentic - Only one plate has a serial number (outside or inside). 
  • Fake - The serial number is missing or has at both places(outside and inside).
Logo configuration
  • Authentic - "MCM" letter -> bay leaf -> "MUNCHEN" letter (From top to bottom)
  • Fake - Sometimes the order is reversed, or does not fit.
Clarity of the plate
  • Authentic - Engraved sharp and thin.
  • Fake - Engraved thick and unclear edge.

3. To distinguish by mcm logo's bay leaf numbers

 8 leaves on the right side and 9 leaves on the left side.



4. To distinguish by zippers and metal accessories

MCM logo Engraved Zipper, buttons and iron is part of the joint.

Use of YKK zipper of zipper company.



5. To distinguish by company tag

Since 2005, all of MCM products are has inside tags by sungjoo company.

The backpacks has launched in 2005, So it must have tag.